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These testimonials are from previous clients who have benefitted from therapy.  Thank you so much for your reviews. It was an honour and a pleasure to be a part of your journey.


Hypnotherapy results were amazing, and still are! The main thing that I keep coming back

to with this approach as opposed to any other attempt at losing weight, maintaining weight,

viewing my weight etc is it has been absolutely effortless throughout. I have never felt like

I can't have something I like, I have never felt guilty for having something I like or something

that I would've definitely said to myself before "just one more won't make any difference" and

ultimately I feel confident in the way I view my relationship with food now. I no longer have

that irritating conflict in my head anymore about food. Over the course of four of five sessions

I have lost two stone in weight and am now maintaining that, which is where I want to be.

I am so grateful for how Meryl has helped me in such a relatively short period of time, and

again how on my part has been effortless.



I tried everything to stop smoking until someone suggested hypnotherapy.  I had one session and haven't smoked since.  I'm so happy and feel so much better. Whatever this is. It works. Thanks for your help.



I wanted to let you know Meryl that I am so thankful and grateful for your help.  Coming to see you made such a impact in my life and I can now go out for dinner and not feel anxious. This has made such a difference to me.  Thank you.



I'd never had hypnotherapy before but it's transformed my life.  I had a game of golf last week for the first time since losing mum and didn't feel guilty. It's really helped. Cheers Meryl.



I had such body issues before hypnotherapy. It was amazing. I feel confident to wear bright colours again and have got  my mojo back. Thanks for understanding me Meryl.



After the first two sessions I felt different. I can’t put my finger on it, but my anxiety level were so much better.


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