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Life has its ups and downs and there may be occasions when the downs are more difficult to cope with.


If that's happening to you at the moment, then talking about how you're feeling can really help. 


Sometimes, these thoughts and feelings may rise to the surface as stress, anger, anxiety and depression and therapy can help to unravel the underlying reasons for these feelings, so you can understand what's happening and why.  With clarity, the path forward can be bathed in a brighter light. 

Counselling provides time and space for you to talk about what's happening in your life.  It's a confidential place to talk about how you're feeling at your own pace, without judgement or unwanted suggestions or advice.

If looking for a more positive and fulfilling path is what you're seeking, it may be time to take that first step and reach out.


The information on my pages explain:

  Today's contemplation........Staying safe can lead to feeling stuck. Doing something however small, may feel scary, but it can give you wings to fly.

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